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Delivery Policy

The delivery management is an important factor in the spare parts process. To help guarantee this process is completed satisfactorily please read below and familiarise yourself with your requirements in this procedure.

Orders received before 12:00pm (your local time) are usually dispatched the same day.

For smaller orders (under 44cm x 34cm x 26cm total approx.) delivery is usually shipped via courier Toll Priority’s Overnight service. Allow up to 5 business days.

For larger orders (over 44cm x 34cm x 26cm total approx.) Delivery is usually shipped via courier Road service which can take longer than the overnight service. Allow up to 10 business days.

As per IMZ Service Centre Terms of Trade we reserve the right to charge additional costs for after hours, re-directed deliveries and waiting time at the delivery (frustrated delivery). Changes to the delivery instructions after the part has been dispatched will also incur additional charges.

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