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Inverter Driven Multi-Indoor Unit Climate Control System
Fuzzy Control
   - Response speed and stability are enhanced  
  - Elimination of temperature irregularity as the time of operation on/off control

Super Link System
   - Non polar 2 core signal wires connected to max 48 FCU with max to 1000m lengths
- Long piping design offers one way piping length of 100m


Split system
(wall mounted, ceiling exposed)

- Fast / Express cooling

- Higher quality and reliability
- Rotary compressor


Ceiling Recessed Type Package Unit
- Less refrigerant charge amount due to use of double phase refrigerant flow system
- Lower sound level
- 700 m high drain heed (drain pump)


KX Inverter Multi System - achieving the industry's smallest compact design.

- A sanitary and comfortable space is realized with mold-preventing filter.

- The required refrigerant amount is conserved with 2-phase transfer and thus is environmentally friendly.
- Power-Blackout Compensation

- Even when the power is recovered after a failure, operation restarts as set!

- With KX Inverter Multi System, it allows you to choose where and when you want air-conditioning, and at any temperature and fan speed, without huge central units.

No water system is involved thus the worry of water damage from the cooling system in non-existent. It is the ultimate choice to replace small and medium size centralized cooling systems.

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